Need a place to workout? GCS has all the necessary equipment for your fitness needs. Our open gym membership is available to everyone; athletes, parents, students, or anyone looking to stay and shape and live a healthy lifestyle. 




Whether you simply want to get stronger, get in shape, or improve at your sports, Game Changers has a variety of personal trainers that will fit your needs. Our staff consists of athletes who have competed at Division 1 level of sports as well as the NFL, Basketball Pro League, Professional Track and Field, Fitness Competitions, Mixed Martial Arts and many more. We are dedicated to making you the best version of yourself.

Come improve your skills in a small competitive group setting with your friends or teammates. Private group training has a more individual focus on each person compared to our classes. Private group training can be designed for general health and fitness, speed training, or sport-specific.





Our team of highly qualified Speed and Strength Coaches will design a comprehensive training program that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your athletes based on their sport, age, experience, skill level, and training goals. Gain an edge on your competition and reduce the risk of injury, while building valuable team comradery! 

Future Athlete Program (Futures) is designed to teach the proper biomechanics, techniques and skills that will allow your young athlete to thrive amongst their peers. This class comes highly recommended for all kids who not only want to compete but also want to get into great shape. This is an excellent way to improve your child or teens ability no matter what the sport.





Our coaches will instruct and skill-specific training to increase the effectiveness of all aspects of the game: shooting, passing, speed and agility, ball handling, footwork, and conditioning. Our experienced coaches are intense and relentless and will focus on every small detail to take your athletes' ball-game to the highest level.

Our Football program focuses on the necessary skills and drills needed for each position. This program will not only provide an improvement on speed, agility, quickness, and strength & conditioning, but also specific technical aspects of hitting, catching, throwing, blocking, and coverage. 



SPEED shop

In this program, we focus on teaching proper sprinting mechanics and condition our athlete's bodies to handle the stress of their sports at high-intensity levels. We use a mix of agility, plyometrics, accelerations, hills, and incline treadmill running to train explosiveness and technique. Athletes will see huge improvements in strength and speed that will translate directly to the court or field. 

Functional Agility Speed Training. Our weekly fast camp will increase your athletes' speed, power, and explosiveness. We combine the newest technology, training methods, and a fantastic recovery center in order to make your athlete FAST!



The focus of this class is strength and flexibility training as the foundation of all tumbling skills. Students will learn forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, and back bends. 

Our brand new Girls Flag Football Program will specificcally train your athlete to increase the effectiveness of all aspects of their game: footwork, catching, routes, throwing, speed, agility, and conditioning, and flag pulling. Our Football program focuses on the necessary skills and drills needed for all flag football positions.




Pilates is a full-body workout that uses low impact exercises with a focus on core strength that is a safe exercise for any age. Pilates increases the bond between mind and body to help engage the right muscles and increase control over the body’s movement and help you move more efficiently. It also aids in the rehabilitation of all injuries and in decreasing pain especially those with back injuries.

Boxing and Kickboxing have become one of the most fun and effective ways to get into shape, relieve stress, improve flexibility, and give a solid foundation for self-defense. It is a great way to shock your system through muscle confusion and also help change up the same old boring cardio routines using machines. Our coaches will teach you the core basics of striking and defending against opponents. Come give it a try, we’re sure you’ll be hooked after one class.

Boxing &




SuperFit is a  high-intensity boot camp done 4 days a week.  It's a workout that's jam-packed with dynamic body-weight exercises that blend together strength, weight training, cardio, and plyometrics—all of which are designed to max out your metabolism and fire up your fat-burning potential. Each session is led by an experienced and certified personal trainer who will keep you motivated, and also keep it fun. 



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